Project Description


Product advantages:

  • it does not produce discolorations and stains
  • antioxidant used in rubber industry,
  • very good additive to epoxy coatings,
  • excellent hardening acceleration,
  • very good stabilizer and anti-aging of rubber,
  • low viscosity product ..


  • manufacturing of epoxy coating,
  • additives for paints and varnishes,
  • rubber industry ,
  • production and processing of plastics.

More details

PhenylFlex (styrenated phenol) is a substance consisting of a mixture of reaction products of phenol and styrene : mainly monostyrenated, distyrenated and tristyrenated phenol. The product is difficult to dissolve in water, but it dissolves well in most organic solvents. PhenylFlex is a colorless liquid, but it can also turn a pale straw yellow color . The dynamic viscosity of the product at a temperature of 25 0 C is between 300 and 500 mPa.s , while its viscosity under the same temperature conditions is approximately 1.08 g/cm 3 . The boiling temperature of PhenylFlex is 240 0 C and its flash point is above 100 0 C.

PhenylFlex (styrenated phenol) is a product of the reaction between phenol and styrene, occurring in the presence of a catalyst, i.e. an acidic ion exchange resin . Subsequently, in the derivatization and purification process of PhenylFlex , the post-reaction mixture is subjected to high vacuum distillation.

PhenylFlex (styrenated phenol) is used, but not limited to, as a non-staining and non-bleaching antioxidant in the production of plastics and the rubber industry. The product is also used as a thinner for epoxy paints . It is characterized by low viscosity and high compatibility with other ingredients. In addition, PhenylFlex is characterized by a very good action accelerating the hardening of plastics and coatings.