Discover MEEXCHEM’s Versatile Polyurethanes for Superior Performance

Welcome to MEEXCHEM’s Polyurethanes section, where innovation and versatility come together to deliver exceptional solutions for a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive portfolio includes four categories of polyurethane products, each designed to provide superior performance, durability, and efficiency in diverse applications. From automotive to construction, electronics to furniture, our polyurethanes are trusted by clients worldwide for their outstanding properties and reliability.


Polyurethane Systems

Our Polyurethane Systems offer ready-to-use formulations designed to simplify your manufacturing process. With precise blends of polyols, isocyanates, and additives, our polyurethane systems ensure consistent quality and excellent performance. Whether you need rigid foams, flexible foams, coatings, or elastomers, our polyurethane systems are tailored to meet your specific application requirements.


Polyurethane Additives and Surfactants

MEEXCHEM’s Polyurethane Additives and Surfactants are formulated to enhance the properties of polyurethane products. From improving foam cell structure to optimizing viscosity and stability, our additives and surfactants play a crucial role in achieving desired product characteristics. These high-performance additives are customizable to suit your production needs and desired end-product properties.



Our Polyols form the foundation of polyurethane formulations, providing the necessary chemical structure for various polyurethane applications. We offer a wide range of polyols, including polyester polyols, polyether polyols, and specialty polyols, catering to different industry requirements. With consistent quality and exceptional reactivity, our polyols contribute to the superior performance of your end products.



MEEXCHEM’s Isocyanates are essential components in polyurethane formulations, enabling the crosslinking reaction that gives polyurethane materials their unique properties. Our isocyanates provide excellent reactivity and compatibility with polyols, ensuring optimal performance and durability of the final product. We offer both aromatic and aliphatic isocyanates to suit various applications.