Project Description


Main benefits of applying GlycoFlex :

  • time of the foam, the foam remains white longer (min. 70 parts in a formulation – necessary condition),
  • possibility of manufacturing foams with density between 20 and 80 kg / m3, hardness between 0.6 and 3 kPa and elasticity up to 40%,
  • the tear strength of the foam is greater than 40 kPa and the relative elongation at break greater than 200%,
  • it is used in combination with vTec series polyols for the production of viscoelastic foams,
  • very high comfort factor ,
  • very good resistance to scorching.

Most popular GlycoFlex applications :

  • foams , flexible and super soft foams and gel foams,
  • very comfortable mattresses and pillows,
  • as a comfortable material for the manufacture of car seats,
  • used as a cell opener.

More details

GlycoFlex is a polyether polyol, a glycerin-based block/random copolymer of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. It exists in the form of a liquid free of mechanical impurities, which can be opalescent. It contains antioxidants (excluding BHT). It has a dynamic viscosity at temp. 25°C in the range of 1250-1550 mPas and hydroxyl number in the range of 31-36 mgKOH /g.

The GlycoFlex is used as a cell opener for the production of flexible and hyper soft polyurethane foams (Hyper Soft) with high resilience using the continuous system ( slabstock ), periodic production (batch) and molded foams. Applied with appropriately selected additives (catalysts, silicones, foaming agents), it is used to produce hyper-flexible foam blocks of rectangular section and height up to 120 cm.